Rate Resort: Caribbean Beach Resort (Pirate Rooms)

Opened: April 1988 Level: Moderate Theme: Tropical Islands (Caribbean) Arrrrre you a Pirate? Or a land lubber??? If thee be a Pirate then read on. Welcome home to Caribbean Beach Resort and the Pirate Themed Rooms. The Caribbean Beach Resort is a moderately priced resort at Walt Disney World with 2,112 rooms all circling a 45 […]

New Fantasyland Costumes

It’s always unbelievable to me to hear all the thought and ideas that go into creation of all aspects of the new Fantasyland area.   This video takes you into the minds of the costume creators as they determine what cast members will wear in each area.

Buena Vista St, from Blue Sky to Reality

Love this video, it truly shows the thought, time, and emotions that went into the Buena Vista St. How did it come together? What were the imagineers thinking about or trying to get you to think about as you walk down the street?  How did the new Walt and Mickey statue come together?   You can feel […]