Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack – Giveaway

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Beauty and the Beast!  


The Beauty and the Beast movie might be fading from theaters, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait months to get your fix from the DVD. The Beauty and the Beast soundtrack from Walt Disney Records will make you feel as if you’re experiencing the movie all over again. The soundtrack has a variety of music, including the Beauty and the Beasts classics such as Tale as old as time. However, it also has instrumental music,  narrative from the movie, and original songs from the live-action version sung by your favorite actors. Pop it into the car, or listen around the house and you’ll feel as if you’re experiencing the movie all over again. It’s sure to become a sing-along favorite.

There are a couple ways you can own a copy…..

  • Keep on reading and enter to win in our giveaway below.
  • Head over to iTunes where the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack will be on sale for $7.99 starting May 12th through May18th.

 Disney Music fans should also take a minute and visit the “Moms” playlist on the Disney curator profile on Apple Music:! M .

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  • Christie McGuire Struck

    I would love to win, haven’t gotten top see out yet, but looking forward to it!!

  • Brittany Adams

    I still haven’t seen the movie, but I have loved everything that I’ve heard from the soundtrack so far!

  • coastalE

    My favorite Disney Music would be Beauty and the Beast, which is why I would love to win this the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack. It would be wonderful to be able to always relive the magical musical moments of this ‘tale as old as time’!

  • I love all Disney music, but lately I like listening to Moana.

  • Dale Dixon

    I love music from the Attractions

  • Amanda Whitley

    so many! i catch myself singing moana and frozen songs all the time

  • Michelle Catallo

    Tough one but, I would go with Lilo and Stitch ~ has a bunch of Elvis songs 🙂

  • I’ve always really enjoyed the music from Alice in wonderland but I also love the music played in the park at each attraction it’s so fun!!

  • Amy Malone

    my favorite is on Cinderlla when she is getting ready with all animals and mice sing

  • Jennylyn Gross

    I love the songs in cinderella

  • Michelle

    Aladdin ❤❤❤

  • mpotter01

    star wars I love John Williams

  • Holly W

    Frozen! I love the music from this movie so touching.

  • Erin Will

    My daughter and I are in love with the Moana soundtrack right now!

  • Tracie Cooper

    My favorite is The Jungle Book soundtrack!