Trivia: How many water bridges exist at Disney World?

How many water bridges exist on the Walt Disney World Property?    As you head to the Magic Kingdom and travel along World Drive, have you noticed the water bridge?   A standard bridge allows cars to travel over a water source, but a water bridge is the opposite and allows water to travel over the […]

Disney Trivia – How many fountains in the World of Color?

  World of Color is the night time show that is presented at the Disney California Adventure park in the Paradise Pier area.    This is an amazing show with colorful water fountains that move in all directions, movie projections on mist screens, and of course Disney music from past and present.   The best […]

What is the Fastest Attraction at Disney World?

  Did you wake up today with the need for speed?    Headed to the parks and wondering which attraction is the fastest on property?   Let’s take a look at some of the fast attractions as there are a few that may surprise you…                 #5 – […]

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia : Maelstrom Troll

We continue our tribute to Maelstrom this week as it sets sail this weekend.    As you make your way through this attraction your boat encounters a few trolls along the way.    One of these trolls is pretty upset and makes your boat disappear, back, back, over the falls.    How many heads does […]

Frozen Attraction and Soarin Updates

With the announcement of Frozen taking over the current Maelstrom attraction at Epcot the thoughts quickly go to what exactly will Disney do to bring Arendelle to Norway? First the facts – Maelstrom will be closing Oct 6, 2014 to make way for a new frozen attraction.    Yes, I know boooooo As for what […]

How much popcorn is sold at Disney World?

One of my favorite snacks at the park is the classic bag or bucket of Disney Popcorn.   I even have my favorite stands in each park to get this treat.   But as I was munching on my last bucket and watching the never ending line at the stand I began to wonder.   […]

Disney Animation Déjà vu

Did you know today’s Tiggerific Tuesday Disney Trivia about Disney Animation?? Have you ever watched Disney’s Robin Hood and thought, hmmmm I think I have seen these dance moves before?!?   And then I bet you said to yourself, ahhh I bet they used rotoscoping.    Or maybe not…..   Well, if you did, then you were right, […]

Travel Tips: Free Disney Water

On all of our Disney trips I carry a backpack full of camera equipment and a few snacks, but the heaviest part of the backpack is the water we tote around for later in the day.   It’s Disney and it’s hot so that water definitely comes in handy, but did you know that you […]

Travel Tip: Splitting Large Party for Dining

Disney Travel Tip Many of us love to travel with our extended family to Disney or we let our families know that we are planning a Disney trip and they just invite themselves, who isn’t looking for any reason to travel to Disney.    As your travel party grows you may find it hard to […]

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia – Who was Pinto Colvig?

Pinto Colvig worked for many studios including Warner Brothers, MGM, and Disney Studios where he directed a few of our favorite cartoons.    But Pinto was best known for his voice.   Which characters did Pinto Colvig provide a voice for? A. Pluto B. Goofy C. Grumpy D. Sleepy E. All of the above The answer is […]