King Arthur Carrousel at Disneyland

Last year on our trip to Disneyland the Carrousel was under refurbishment.   As I was waiting for my family I began to read some of the interesting signs posted on the construction walls and learned a lot about Walt and the Carrousel. Walt loved to take his girls to Griffith Park to ride the Carrousel […]

The Muppets at Hollywood Studios

Here Come the Muppets Do you remember that little Muppet show that was in the Animation Courtyard at MGM Studios?   Well today the Animation Courtyard has changed a bit and the Muppet building now is home to The Voyage of the Little Mermaid.   Oh yeah and we sometimes call it Hollywood Studios instead of MGM. […]

Missing Mr. Toad

Oh how I miss Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. As a kid we would ride this attraction over and over, picking different sides each time. Mr. Toad was a ‘C’ ticket attraction so I used mine all up here or at the Grand Pix Raceway. Though not exactly the same, Disneyland still has Mr. Toad and […]

Disney Before PhotoPass

Did you ever borrow a Polaroid at Disney World? Disney has gone through a few sponsorships when it comes to film and camera products.   Most of us remember the Kodak Picture Spots around the parks and have taken many pictures from them.   When Walt Disney World opened in 1971 the camera sponsorship was with GAF […]

History of Pin Trading at Disney

As you stroll around the parks today pins are everywhere, there are entire shops devoted to pins and pin trading and most cast members are ready to trade their pins.   But, where did this come from, what started this pin trading craze? Pins have been sold at parks for many years, but it wasn’t until […]

Magic Kingdom Ticket Booths

Ever walk by the building below in Tomorrowland and wonder, hmm that’s an odd building wonder what it was used for. For those of you that visited the Magic Kingdom before the passport style ticket was born you will definitely remember this building.   I remember standing in this line with my parents many times. […]

History of Disney Cruise Line

Hmm ever heard of Magical Cruise Company Limited?   This is the legal name of the Disney Cruise Line, it is incorporated in the UK and cruise ships are registered in the Bahamas. Operational Headquarters for DCL are in Celebration, FL. In the 1980’s Disney started paying attention to the cruise industry, but wasn’t ready for […]

Ride the Rails at Fort Wilderness

All aboard, let’s take a train ride around Fort Wilderness.   As a kid we stayed at Fort Wilderness every year on our trip to Walt Disney World.    With only the Magic Kingdom to pass the time we spent a lot of time at the campground.   One of my favorite activities was to board the Fort […]

Disneyland Test Wall

Has anyone else noticed that this brick wall at Disneyland looks a bit odd? As you head down Main Street USA and take a right on Center Street you will come face to face with a brick wall that looks a little bit unfinished or maybe built from some left over bricks to save some […]

Fastpass to History: Do you have the Disney Look?

Since the opening of the first Disney park, Disney has had standards for the Disney Look. This look was to help separate the Disney parks from the traditional amusement parks and make cast members look approachable, safe, and professional. Some of these are a bit humorous but many are still enforced today. Below are a […]