Fastpass to History: Who needs a Magic Band

Who needs a Magic Band When I was a young boy we ventured from Indiana to Florida once a year with our extended family in a large RV.   We had a blast on the trip down and loved staying in the Fort Wilderness Campground.    Once on property everyone in the party received a Walt Disney […]

Fastpass to History: Magic Kingdom Club

Magic Kingdom Club On our recent trip home for the Holiday’s, my parents gave me the bag below filled with a bunch of our old Disney trip documentation.   The bag was a gift when they purchased the Magic Kingdom Club Gold Card.   Were you ever a member? The Magic Kingdom Club was created in 1957 […]

Fastpass to History: Aulani

We continue our Aulani themed week with our Fastpass to History lesson on Aulani.   The resort opened in August of 2011 becoming the third Disney Vacation Club resort located outside of Disney theme park property.   The resort cost over $800 million and has provided over 1,000 jobs to the area. But what intrigued me the […]

Fastpass to History: First Disney Parade Balloon

It was in 1934 that Mickey Mouse was introduced into what was then called the Macy’s Santa Claus Parade, today known as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.   The balloon was the biggest ever produced by Disney at over 40 feet tall.  The balloon was hand painted and included  a star on his chest for […]

Fastpass to History: Theater in the Wild

We all love Finding Nemo the Musical in Animal Kingdom’s Theater in the Wild, but do you remember what was in this theater before Nemo? Originally an open-air amphitheater, that means no AC folks, the Theater in the Wild has been home to 3 fun filled shows. From opening day of Animal Kingdom until July […]

Fastpass to History: Epcot Discovery Center

Are you a learner?   Did you visit the Epcot Discovery Center, or the EPCOT Outreach and EPCOT Teacher’s Center.   Yes these were back in the days of all CAPS EPCOT.   Originally called Epcot Outreach, the center provided information, referrals, and reference material via displays, computer print outs and printed brochures.   A […]

Fastpass to History: Roots Restaurant

Have you visited Animal Kingdom?    Attended the It’s tough to be a bug 4-D show?   Got scared by Hopper and cried with all the other kids?  OK, maybe that’s just me. Did you know that you were in the area that was originally planned to be a restaurant called Roots Restaurant?   As plans were drawn […]

Fastpass to History: Hollywood Studios Security Gates

As you stroll around Hollywood Studios have you ever noticed that there are two major sections of this park, the front side being Fancy Dancy Hollywood and the back half as the Production areas (Back Lot)? Over time some of these distinctions have been removed, such as these security gates. As the star, these gates […]

Fastpass to History: Silly Symphonies

A recent trip to California Adventure (don’t miss our giveaway, click here) and a ride on the Silly Symphony Swings brought back my memories of these great cartoons.   I remembered a few of them, but how many were made? The Silly Symphonies were a series of animated shorts produced by Walt Disney Productions.   […]

Fastpass to History: Disneyland 1955 Attractions

Next week at this time the DisneyDayByDay family will be deep in our exploration of Disneyland.   As part of our research on things to do and where to eat, I was interested in riding all the Disneyland classics that were open on day 1 and still open in their “original” condition today.    I […]