Fastpass to History: Super Size Disney

Many of you probably remember being able to get your McDonalds fix within Disney Parks.   Even as recent as the construction of Animal Kingdom where  McDonalds sponsored Dinoland including the Dinosaur attraction and Restaurantosaurus. Where I could get my happy meal.   Today you will still find McDonalds on Walt Disney World Property, but where did […]

Fastpass to History: We will always call it MGM Studios

We will always call it MGM Studios…. For those of you new to the Disney World Family you know this park as Hollywood Studios, but to us it will always be MGM Studios. Where did MGM Studios come from?   In the 80’s two Imagineers, Marty Sklar and Randy Bright were working on the plans for […]

Fastpass to History: Shrunken Ned’s Junior Jungle Boats

How many of you were the captain of your own Jungle Boat?   How many of you had kids kicking and screaming wanting to drive the boats after riding the Jungle Cruise?  OK, maybe it was just us, but who here remembers Shrunken Ned’s Junior Jungle Boats, this often overlooked attraction was located just to […]

Fastpass to History: Wonders of Life

The Wonders of Life pavilion opened their doors in October of 1989, seven years after the opening of Epcot Center and as New Years was being celebrated and welcoming in 2007 it closed it doors.   Today it is used off and on for special events, one of these is during the Flower and Garden Festival, […]

Fastpass to History: Riding the Southern Seas (II)

Last week I mentioned Discovery Island which was open to the public from 1974 to 1999, but how did you get to the island?   Well, you sailed the Southern Seas (II).   The Southern Seas (II) was built at the Disney Central Shops and Drydock and put into service in 1977.   A picture of the ship is below (from a […]

Fastpass to History: 1987 Prize Ticket

Continuing from last week’s 1987 visit.   As you entered the park the turnstile would print out a ticket (seen below) indicating if you won a prize.   It was said that there was a prize given away every 15 seconds at either Magic Kingdom or Epcot.   Prizes ranged from buttons, light up visors, to one day […]

Fastpass to History: 1987 5 Day Worldpassport

On June 14, 1987 Sean visited Walt Disney World. How many of us remember the hand stamped ticket? These tickets never expired and allowed you entry into one of the 2 parks (Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center) Any guesses to how much a 5 day worldpassporter cost? Answer is after the picture below. This 5 […]

Fastpass to History: 25th Anniversary Cake

Welcome to our first post in the Fastpass to History, hosted by Frontierland Station. To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Walt Disney World in 1996, the castle was transformed into a giant 18 story birthday cake.   This was by far not my favorite idea from the Imagineers.  Fortunately the cake was removed in early 1998. […]