Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia : It’s always Halloween

Did you know Today’s Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia about which attraction always celebrates Halloween?   It’s almost fall and the parks are being decorated with all the fall colors.    Truly one of our favorite times of the year.   But there is one attraction that is always celebrating Halloween.   Which attraction is it?    […]

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia: Matterhorn Hoops

Did you know today’s Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia about the Matterhorn? As we get closer to our Disneyland trip I continue to find some fun things about the Disneyland Park.   Did you know you can actually shoot some hoops from inside the Matterhorn Bobsled Mountain?   Being from Indiana, I heard this rumor and just […]

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia: Disneyland’s Oldest Tree

Did you know today’s Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia about the Oldest Tree at Disneyland? As we have an upcoming vacation to Disneyland, I have been researching and looking over some of the unique things that we may want to see while we are there.   One thing I came across was the Dominguez tree. The Dominguez family […]

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia: Name the two caves….

There are two caves on Tom Sawyer Island, can you name them???? While older kids and those with not much time at the Magic Kingdom may want to skip this attraction, Tom Sawyer Island is a great way to escape the crowds and let you kids burn off some steam. Board the rafts near Big Thunder […]

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia: Interactive Rides

 Did You Know Today’s Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia About The First Interactive Rides Many queues and rides today are being built with guest interactivity.   This not only makes the ride and queues more enjoyable for the guest, but also ensures a repeat visit as the ride is different each time.   Though new rides such […]

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia: Candy Candy Candy

Over the weekend I was walking up to our local grocery store and I noticed ceramic pumpkins greeting me at the door. Where has the summer gone? Thinking they were a bit early in celebration, I saw just yesterday The Disney Parks Blog discussing the addition of Jack Skellington to the lineup for this year’s […]

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia: Wait, am I outside the park?

What attraction at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is entirely outside the park (outside the train tracks)???  Hmmm think hard.   Have you ever ridden the train and sat on the left side, don’t see much, do ya?    Except after you leave the New Fantasyland station… wait for it…..wait for it….. There it is, Space Mountain.   Don’t […]

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia: Festival of the Lion King

Did You Know Today’s TIGGERIFIC TUESDAY TRIVIA on the Festival of the Lion King? The Festival of the Lion King is moving!   We have a few construction pictures here.   With the news we thought we would give you some trivia on the attraction. The Festival of the Lion King opened with the park on day […]

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia: Grand Floridian

Did You Know Today’s TIGGERIFIC TUESDAY TRIVIA on the Grand Floridian On Thursday we check into the Grand Floridian to celebrate our 15 year Wedding Anniversary.   So this week I thought I would offer up a couple interesting facts about the resort.   The resort opened in June of 1988 with the name of Grand Floridian Beach […]

Fastpass to History: 1987 5 Day Worldpassport

On June 14, 1987 Sean visited Walt Disney World. How many of us remember the hand stamped ticket? These tickets never expired and allowed you entry into one of the 2 parks (Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center) Any guesses to how much a 5 day worldpassporter cost? Answer is after the picture below. This 5 […]