Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia: Wait, am I outside the park?

What attraction at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is entirely outside the park (outside the train tracks)???  Hmmm think hard.   Have you ever ridden the train and sat on the left side, don’t see much, do ya?    Except after you leave the New Fantasyland station… wait for it…..wait for it….. There it is, Space Mountain.   Don’t […]

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia: Tomorrowland Speedway

Did You Know Today’s TIGGERIFIC TUESDAY TRIVIA About the Tomorrowland Speedway? I can’t drive 55, err 7.5 mph.   Did you know that when you slam that pedal to the metal on the Tomorrowland Speedway you are going a whole 7.5 mph!!!   No, there are no cops on your tail so feel free to sit back and enjoy the […]

What is this spinning rock in Tomorrowland?

  You have walked by it, you have observed people running their hands over it, you have thought – “What the heck is that?”  It’s the Kugel Ball!   Sure, now it all makes sense, right? Well then what is a Kugel Ball?   A Kugel Ball is simply a sculpture of a granite ball supported by […]

Rate a Ride: Astro Orbiter

Fastpass: No Ride Duration: 1 minute 30 seconds Year Introduced: Nov 1974 Height Restriction:  None Head to Tomorrowland to ride the highest ride at Magic Kingdom, Astro Orbiter. The line for Astro Orbiter actually starts on the ground below The People Mover. Once you get through that line, you’ll be ushered into an elevator and […]