Disney Animation Déjà vu

Did you know today’s Tiggerific Tuesday Disney Trivia about Disney Animation??

Have you ever watched Disney’s Robin Hood and thought, hmmmm I think I have seen these dance moves before?!?   And then I bet you said to yourself, ahhh I bet they used rotoscoping.    Or maybe not…..

 Disney Deja Vu - DisneyDayByDay

Well, if you did, then you were right, Disney did just that when creating Disney’s Robin Hood and other classics.   Rotoscoping is a technique which animators trace over footage of live actors, frame by frame, allowing them to capture realistic human movement.   It also lets animators recycle movements for use in characters on different films.   So next time you sit down to watch a Disney classic pay attention to those moves, you just might see them sweeping the animation nation.

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  • I love this! I had no idea they “reused” dance moves! Another great piece of Disney trivia!

  • I always knew it was re-used but never knew the term or how it was done. Thanks for the great trivia!

  • I knew several of their animated sequences looked similar, but I didn’t realize why. That is so cool! I always thought the animators just looked at live actors…had no idea they could trace them!

  • Well, now that ruins a lot of films for me, lol! That’s funny! I guess it helps the animators save time.

  • How interesting! I really had no idea.