Are you excited for the AVATAR-Inspired Land At Disney’s Animal Kingdom??

Avatar-Inspired Land

Photo Courtesy Disney Parks Blog

I have to say when this was first announced I was one of those that was really questioning what Disney was thinking.    As this begins to unfold  and we get to see more and more of the features this area of Animal Kingdom is going to offer my skepticism is beginning to fade.   It’s not all gone, believe me, as Disney still has a lot to prove in this new area.  And if you notice Disney Parks Blog hasn’t yet called it Avatar Land, but an Avatar-Inspired Land, hmmm.    I am still a bit more excited about the fact that we will be able to spend more time at the park into the night and can’t wait to see all the amazing lighting.  Are you getting excited about the Avatar-Inspired Land?

Check out the latest video of the area as they break ground….

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  • Christina Struck

    Not at all. We’ve never seen the movie, never plan to. On the other hand, people visiting this “land” will not be in the places we want to go, so it might make things less congested for us! Trying to look at the bright side, but why couldn’t it have been Cars Land or Star Wars???

  • I was not thrilled when they announced this. However, after hearing more about it and seeing the concept art, I think this is exactly what DAK needs! I can’t wait to see the lights at night and the new parade! I have no idea how they plan on doing those floating mountains, but I’m sure that will be something to see!