Favorite Food Friday: Joffrey’s Doughnut

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Our Favorite Food This Week:  Doughnut
Location: Joffrey’s Kiosks, Epcot on way to Mexico
Cost: $3.28

Welcome to this week’s Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods with our friends. I know what you are thinking, Favorite Food Friday and this guy is showing me a doughnut or is it donut. What is the difference? For this article I’ll continue with doughnut, sorry Dunkin. DisneyDayByDay Jr is addicted to these things; we can’t go to Epcot anymore without stopping to get one and now he has spotted them at Hollywood Studios as well. These aren’t your standard doughnut, they are large, fresh, moist and full of flavor. You can find them at the Joffrey’s kiosks located in and around the Parks. We found this one on the way to Mexico at Epcot.   They do run out, so if you want one, be sure to stop by early.

Did you know Joffrey is the official specialty coffee of Disney? This was announced on Feb 19, 2013. Sorry Starbucks. Joffrey is a Tampa Florida based company specializing in coffee and tea.

Joffrey's Doughnut - Epcot - DisneyDayByDay
 Have you tried a doughnut at Disney?

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  • Wow! That doughnut does look HUGE! To me, though, there is just too much else to try at the parks, so I probably wouldn’t be tempted by a doughnut (especially one with sprinkles – I really can’t stand those things!) Have you tried the Cronut that everyone is talking about these days?

    • Yep we have tried the Cronut as well, both are very good. Even though I’m a huge ice cream fan – we liked the cronut without the ice cream over the one with.