Favorite Food Friday – Skip’s Mac and Cheese

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Our Favorite Food This Week: Skip’s Mac and Cheese
Location: Skipper Canteen, Magic Kingdom
Cost: $19.00

Welcome to this week’s Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods with our friends.  This week we stopped by the new Skipper Canteen at the Magic Kingdom.   If you love traveling with the Skippers from the Jungle Cruise, then you will love eating at this restaurant.   Yes corny jokes are free with every meal.   After hearing from a few others that had already stopped in at the Canteen, I knew going in that I was going to try the Mac and Cheese.  This is definitely one Mac and Cheese that I would get again, both my wife and son also tried it and loved it.   The Mac and Cheese is described as “A typical Egyptian dish consisting of Spiced Ground Beef, pasta and Bechamal sauce served with broccoli”   The spiced ground beef and sauce gave it somewhat of a chili mac taste.   I loved ever bit of it definitely worth a try if you find yourself hungry from your cruise.

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  • Jacque Whitman

    That mac n cheese definitely looks delicious! I go to WDW in 2 weeks- I’ll have to stop by! -Wishes Diva from Tips from the Disney Diva

    • Yes it’s definitely worth a trip – my wife had the steak and our son had the chicken – not a bad one in the bunch. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by and linking up this week.

  • I was hoping to try this place when my friend and I for a Girls Only Trip in September, but the menu didn’t appeal to her. Sometimes I just want to try places based on the atmosphere, and since I am a big Jungle Cruise fan, this seemed like a good choice. I definitely think that Mac & Cheese looks yummy!

    • Tammy Sumner

      We just returned from a trip to WDW and we tried this restaurant while there… it was a last minute decision… everyone was hungry, it was hot outside and we love themed restaurants (plus getting in from the heat was pretty appealing) so I checked and got last minute reservations without checking out the menu first…

      We have some picky eaters in our family (me included) so, honestly, at first glance of the menu, we were kind of horrified so we talked to the server and asked her if there was ANYTHING on the menu that we might like and she recommended the Skippers Mac n Cheese. So we ALL decided to order it and play it safe but we didn’t have high hopes and figured we’d just leave there hungry…

      OH. MY. GOODNESS! This was the BEST dish I had the whole time we were in WDW! I ate until I could not eat anymore and from that time on, I have CRAVED this awesome mac n cheese! It is not your typical mac n cheese, it’s not a child’s dish, it has a seasoned meat in the bottom with macaroni and cheese on top and topped with a bechamel sauce that is heavenly. To sum it up, it is a personal sized little pot of pure awesomeness! I am now in search of the recipe…. And, the next time we’re in the Magic Kingdom, we WILL be going back!

      • Ha – love your summary “a personal sized little pot of pure awesomeness!” I agree that sums it up. Thanks for stopping by and glad you did enjoy your meal here. I have heard that they are working on a new menu – but I think the mac and cheese is going to stay 🙂