Hidden Mickey Monday – Disney Wonder Shutters

Our Hidden Mickey this week comes from Shutters on Disney Wonder.   As we were walking through and taking a look at our on board pictures we also noticed something interesting with the carpet.

Hidden Mickey - Disney Wonder Shutters Carpet

Do you see him?   I believe this pattern was chosen for a reason.    Here is an outline of what we see….

Hidden Mickey - Disney Wonder Shutters Carpet 2

Hi Mickey!! We found you.   What do you think?   Hidden Mickey?

We love  Hidden Mickey‘s.      Where else have you spotted Mickey on a Disney Cruise? 

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  • I always love your Hidden Mickey Mondays Sean!! I find myself looking a little harder to find them in my everyday life now. Thanks!!

  • Love it! My kids love finding them all over our house! 🙂

  • I love finding hidden Mickeys in the carpet. This one is great!