History of Pin Trading at Disney

History of Pin Trading at Disney - DisneyDayByDay

As you stroll around the parks today pins are everywhere, there are entire shops devoted to pins and pin trading and most cast members are ready to trade their pins.   But, where did this come from, what started this pin trading craze?

History of Pin Trading at Disney 2- DisneyDayByDayPins have been sold at parks for many years, but it wasn’t until the 1999 Millennium Celebration that Pin Trading was introduced to Walt Disney World.   After its introduction pin trading quickly spread to Disneyland and all Disney Parks including the Disney Cruise Line.   During this introduction a book was published which highlighted the pins that were available (pictured above).   This book listed all 450 pins that were available along with their pin number, year introduced, and cost (most only $6 at the time).

During the introduction and the Millennium Celebration (Oct 1999 – Jan 2001) pins could be purchased, they were also given as gifts with other store purchases, or obtained by trading with cast members.   The “Pin of the Day” was given out with other purchases at select retail locations.   This definitely got the craze started.

If you weren’t interested in seeking out the pins you could join the Millennium Pin Club.   This club was limited to the first 2,000 people and cost $3,000 (around $4,250 in 2014 dollars).   Members of the club would receive a framed pin set each month for 15 months during the Millennium Celebration.   After joining you would also receive a free gift and signed certificate by Robert Silvers.   Robert Silvers was an artist that helped to design pins that when collected over the month would form a “photomosaic” effect showcasing an Epcot location.

Pin trading continues to grow and is a fun addition to many on their Disney vacation.   How many Disney Pins do you have in your collection?

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  • I have 3 pins in my collection and all of them were gifts. I love the Disney pins, but I know if I start buying them, I’ll keep buying them. I had no idea they used to give away pins with purchases. I think they should start that again, don’t you? 🙂

    • Yeah I would love to get a free gift with purchase. Pin collecting can get expensive for sure.

  • Mouse Ears Mom

    Great post Sean! I loved reading it and was surprised to learn when it started. I thought it was before then. Looking back, I worked for Disney’s Florida Tourist Sales department in 2000 and we had BAGS of Disney “2000” pins to hand out for free. Then I moved to Disney Vacation Club and we had DVC 2000 pins to hand out for free…also buttons of the resorts. It all makes sense now 🙂

  • I didn’t realize they did that. What a fun idea! We’ve got a ton of pins – some that are keepers and others that get traded when we’re in the parks 🙂