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Wordless Wednesday

This week’s theme: Food Fabulous Food This week’s Wordless Wednesday theme is celebrating one of my favorite topics, Food.   And I went directly to the dessert.    Here are a few desserts from our last Disney cruise along the coast of Norway.   Check out that blueberry ice cream 🙂

Disney Dads

Wordless Wednesday

This week’s theme: Disney Dads This week’s Wordless Wednesday theme is celebrating Disney Dad’s for Fathers Day.   There was a lot of things our family could have used their money for when I was younger, but I’m thankful for my parents taking the time and money to make Disney a part of our lives.   […]

Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack – Giveaway

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Beauty and the Beast!     The Beauty and the Beast movie might be fading from theaters, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait months to get your fix from the DVD. The Beauty and the Beast soundtrack from Walt Disney Records will make you feel as if you’re experiencing […]

Wordless Wednesday

This week’s theme: May Calendar This week’s Wordless Wednesday theme is May calendar shot.   It’s warming up here in Florida so our shot takes us to the Magic Kingdom with trees and flowers in bloom.

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