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Rate a Ride: Peter Pan’s Flight

Fastpass: Yes Ride Duration: 3 minutes Year Introduced: Oct 1971 Height Restriction:  None Peter Pan is one of Disney World’s oldest, yet most popular rides. And who can blame visitors for liking it; the ride is adorable! You’ll hop aboard your own “flying ship” which sits 2-3, then head over London and off to Neverland to […]

Rate a Ride: Jungle Cruise

Fastpass: Yes Ride Duration: 10 minutes Year Introduced: Oct 1971 Height Restriction:  None The Jungle Cruise is an amusing, easy ride where you’ll tour through the rainforests of the world like a true adventurer via a 1930s type boat.   Wave at all the people on the dock…. ’cause you may never see ’em again. Of […]

Rate a Ride: Splash Mountain

Fastpass: Yes Ride Duration: 11 minutes Year Introduced: Oct 1992 Height Restriction:  40 inches You hear the screams, followed by a loud splash. What could it possibly be? Why, it’s Disney World’s Splash Mountain, and one of our all-time favorite rides! On Splash Mountain you’ll sit in a carved-out log and float down a river following […]

Rate a Ride: Astro Orbiter

Fastpass: No Ride Duration: 1 minute 30 seconds Year Introduced: Nov 1974 Height Restriction:  None Head to Tomorrowland to ride the highest ride at Magic Kingdom, Astro Orbiter. The line for Astro Orbiter actually starts on the ground below The People Mover. Once you get through that line, you’ll be ushered into an elevator and […]

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