Wordless Wednesday

This week’s theme: Pixar This week’s Wordless Wednesday theme is Pixar, so we are including a couple of our favorite attractions.   Toy Story Mania and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

Hidden Mickey – Frontier Trading Post

Our Hidden Mickey this week comes from the Frontier Trading Post in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom.   After you are done finding your favorite pin and are getting ready to pay – take a look around as you just might spot him. Did you spot him behind the counter? Hi Mickey!! We love  Hidden Mickey‘s, where have […]

Hidden Mickey Monday: The Great Movie Ride

Our Hidden Mickey this week comes from The Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.    My wife spotted this just as we were about to be robbed by the gangster.   I was way too busy trying to protect our valuables.   As the gangster boards your car, be sure to take a look to your […]

Hidden Mickey Monday: Beach Club

Our Hidden Mickey this week comes from the Beach Club Resort.   If you enter the lobby area head to your right and take a left at Cape May Cafe, at the end of the hall are these sand castle pictures.    Be sure to take a close look as you just might see our pal looking […]

Hidden Mickey Monday: Living with the Land

Our Hidden Mickey this week comes from Living with the Land at Epcot.   As you travel through the Fish Farm area of the Living with the Land attraction, pay close attention to how the hoses are laid out on the ground, many times the cast members layout the hose in a classic Mickey shape. Flipping the […]

Fastpass to History – Mickey Mouse Explains The Art

I was recently reading about how much Walt Disney loved the National Geographic Magazine and how much it was used for reference during the creation of all early Disney movies.    After hearing that Walt was featured in the magazines August 1963 addition I had to hit eBay to purchase it. In the magazine there […]

Hidden Mickey Monday – Outside the Parks

Our Hidden Mickey this week comes from a location outside the parks.    Our previous Hidden Mickey’s focused on places in the parks, but how fun is it to find a Hidden Mickey in a random place outside the parks???    We recently purchased a beach house on Vilano Beach in FL.   Vilano is a beautiful […]