History of Maelstrom

We continue our tribute to Maelstrom this week as it sets sail this weekend.   Let’s go back to when the ride was first being imagineered, what was this attraction going to be called? You are not the first to pass this way, nor shall you be the last. Those who seek the spirit of Norway […]

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia : Maelstrom Troll

We continue our tribute to Maelstrom this week as it sets sail this weekend.    As you make your way through this attraction your boat encounters a few trolls along the way.    One of these trolls is pretty upset and makes your boat disappear, back, back, over the falls.    How many heads does […]

Hidden Mickey Monday – Maelstrom

Our Hidden Mickey this week is a tribute to an attraction that is closing this week to make way for a Frozen attraction.   Maelstrom!   You can read more about it here, but Maelstrom will sail it’s last voyage this Sunday, Oct 5th, 2014.  Yes it’s hard to say good bye, but we look forward to […]

The Pros and Cons of an Adventures by Disney Trip

So, you want to go overseas but don’t speak the language? You’re nervous and aren’t sure where to start planning? It’s all too much stress! Maybe, just maybe, it would be easier to sign up for a tour. You’ve always loved everything Disney, and you’ve heard they do tour-guided trips overseas, but is an Adventures […]

History of Pin Trading at Disney

As you stroll around the parks today pins are everywhere, there are entire shops devoted to pins and pin trading and most cast members are ready to trade their pins.   But, where did this come from, what started this pin trading craze? Pins have been sold at parks for many years, but it wasn’t until […]

History of Disney Cruise Line

Hmm ever heard of Magical Cruise Company Limited?   This is the legal name of the Disney Cruise Line, it is incorporated in the UK and cruise ships are registered in the Bahamas. Operational Headquarters for DCL are in Celebration, FL. In the 1980’s Disney started paying attention to the cruise industry, but wasn’t ready for […]

Fun Facts and Trivia about the Disney Wonder

In just a few weeks the DisneyDayByDay Family will be headed to Alaska on the Disney Wonder.   This will be our first time on the Wonder so I collected some fun trivia and facts on the ship. Maiden voyage – August 1999 The ship has 875 staterooms Passenger Capacity is around 2,713 Crew of […]

D23 Disney Fanniversary Celebration 2014

It’s coming again this year – the D23 Fanniversary! What is it: We all know about the D23 Expo that occurs every couple years.  The fan club also offers smaller events that travel closer to your home town.   These events commemorate Disney milestones that are celebrating landmark anniversaries this year.   The 1 hr […]

Happy May #Giveaway – Mickey Wind Chime and Disney Gift Card

Happy May, the Flower and Garden Festival is coming to an end soon at Epcot and Star Wars Weekends are just around the corner.   Have you planted your flowers or garden this spring, is there room for a Mickey Wind Chime?   And how about a $15 Disney Gift Card to use on your […]

Fastpass to History: Do you have the Disney Look?

Since the opening of the first Disney park, Disney has had standards for the Disney Look. This look was to help separate the Disney parks from the traditional amusement parks and make cast members look approachable, safe, and professional. Some of these are a bit humorous but many are still enforced today. Below are a […]