Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia : It’s always Halloween

Did you know Today’s Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia about which attraction always celebrates Halloween?  

It’s almost fall and the parks are being decorated with all the fall colors.    Truly one of our favorite times of the year.   But there is one attraction that is always celebrating Halloween.   Which attraction is it?   

Tower of Terror Shop

If you guessed the Tower of Terror  at Hollywood Studios then you are correct!    The tower was struck by lightening on Oct 31st so the decorations were there and remain.
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  • That is pretty cool, that is one ride you probably will never catch me on though.

  • JenniferLissak

    Ha my not-favorite attraction… I’ve only done it once.. I’m sure that will change eventually.. I wish I could just go tour it and leave before the ride!

  • How neat! Tower of Terror is my favorite attraction and I knew it was struck by lightning on Halloween, but I never noticed or thought about it having Halloween decorations all the time. I’ll have to look for that next time I’m there.