Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia: Oz the Great and Powerful


Have you seen Oz The Great and Powerful?

If not you should, very fun movie with amazingly colorful scenes.  But, what is real in movies anymore.   So much of today’s movies are computer generated it’s really hard to know.   In the Oz The Great and OzPowerful there are over 3,000 actual props, of those 1400 were manufactured just for the film.   What about the gold coins???   Yes I was wondering the same, as Oscar(Oz) was introduced to the palace treasury he jumps in and begins swimming in the gold coins.   Are those real, yes they are!   Well, maybe not gold, but they are actual coins.  Over 5,000 coins were minted by Prop Master Russell Bobbitt.   One side of the coin has an image of the Yellow Brick Road and the other side is an image of author L. Frank Baum.   Amazing to hear the level of detail that went into these when, in the end, the coins are never visible in detail.

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  • That’s really cool! I haven’t seen the film yet, but I want to go this weekend! Thanks for linking up!

    • DisneyDayByDay

      Thanks for hosting Jodi! Yeah i figured they would just be a generic coin, but I guess Disney doesn’t do that 🙂

  • Wow! Disney constantly amazes me with the amount of detail they put into everything they do!