• Great pictures! It’s always amazing to see the behind-the-scenes with the animation. So much effort and so many hours go into putting together all of the masterpieces!

  • Love the collage 🙂 I always enjoy doing the tour, though a little sad that the animators there don’t actually work on movies any more, but still always really cool to see.

  • Definitely where the storytelling starts!

  • Suzanne Rudge (MapleMouseMama)

    Great take on the storytelling Sean! It means so much more to us diehards when we see how everything came to be 🙂

  • You captured the theme so beautifully in this collage! This is where it all starts!

  • Perfect for the theme, teaching the elements of story!

  • DaisyFrenchBulldog

    Great post! Truly the core of the art of Disney’s storytelling!