• My daughter is always photographing our food, to the point that her brothers know not to take a bite until she’s approved the plate or not. Your collage is such a great idea! Because you’re right…..the food at Disney is really, really good!

    • Ha – love it, that’s a rule when we are at Disney as well, no bites until the picture is taken. Thanks for stopping by today!

  • DisneyMomma

    Yum….just, yum. I could go for any of those right now. You’ve captured a few of my favorites in this one! Great collage of definitely “really good” stuff.

  • lucy B

    This has made me feel really hungry!!! Looks fab.

  • Yum, yum, yum and now I am really hungry!

  • Things I should be doing: making dinner.
    Things I am doing: blog hopping.
    Things I want to do: make ADRs.

  • Those are some of my very favorites. I love the corn dogs :_)

  • Delicious! Great pics and picks! 🙂

  • Oh yea! They all look so good!! I really need to try a Corn Dog!!

  • It’s dinner time & now I am really hungry! Those all look good!