Wordless Wednesday

This week’s theme: Disney in the Details

  For this week’s theme I went back to our last trip to Disney World and our stay at the Coronado Springs Resort.   As you walk in to the El Centro you are greeted by a large fountain, but take a minute and look up to the ceiling.   Yes it is beautiful.   Happy Wordless Wednesday!!

Focused on the Magic

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  • We stayed at Coronado Springs in October and I absolutely loved it! I have to confess I never looked up to see that beautiful ceilings. I guess I was busy taking everything else in, lol. Cannot wait to go back!! Great shots!

    • See now I gave you a reason to go back 🙂 Glad you enjoyed your stay and thanks for stopping by.

  • Since my guided tour of Disneyland Paris last summer I have started to realise that some of the best details can be spotted by looking up!

    • Yes that’s true – we have started to look up more as well. Thanks for stopping by today!

  • Beth C Green

    I’ve stayed here a few times on past trips and always love the details! There is so much to take in at this resort!!