Our Hidden Mickey this week comes from the lobby at Disney’s Beach Club Resort.   Even though I knew about this one, it was still a bit hard to find.   So I’m going to try and help you find it next time you are there.   As you come in the main doors head to your left and look for the large luggage area door.   This door is before you get to the shop and is on the left hand side.    Across from the door is a light on the ceiling.   Once you find these then look straight down.    

Hidden Mickey - Beach Club Lobby 1 - DisneyDayByDay

There are many different tiles that all look the same on the floor so here is another angle – you can see the luggage room door in the background for a reference point.

Hidden Mickey - Beach Club Lobby 2 - DisneyDayByDay

Hi Mickey!!   Did you spot him?

Hidden Mickey - Beach Club Lobby 3 - DisneyDayByDay

We love hard to find  Hidden Mickey‘s.     Have you spotted a Mickey on the floor – where is your favorite one?

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