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We love Walt Disney World and are lucky enough to be able to visit many times a year.   We don’t need a guidebook, do we?   Yes we do!   Walt Disney World is changing all the time and there are always ways to do things better so we were excited when we were asked to take a look at the Independent Guide to Walt Disney World 2016.

The Independent Guide to Walt Disney World is conveniently available in both print and ebook editions.   The book is part of a series by Independent Guidebooks which also has books on Disneyland and other theme parks.   One of the unique features of the Independent Guidebooks series is that the books are updated throughout the year and printed on demand, so when you buy the book you will have the latest published version. This is perfect as there are many changes at the Disney parks throughout the year and this book will always have the latest information.

As with many of the Disney guidebooks this book is filled to the brim with tons of Disney information, there are over 30 different chapters, but don’t let that overwhelm you, the author does a great job keeping it simple and on topic making it easy to flip to a section and get what you need quickly or spend time exploring the book from cover to cover.

The Independent Guide to Walt Disney World 1- DisneyDayByDayAll Disney vacations begin with planning.   We get asked all the time how to make sure you have a successful Disney vacation and one of our answers is to plan.   And that is exactly where this book begins.   How are you going to get to the Orlando area?  Once in Orlando how do we get to the Disney parks?   Where should we stay?   Should we buy the dining plan?  All these questions are answered by the first few chapters which gets you well on your way.

In planning two of the biggest questions are – Where should we stay and What tickets are best for our vacation?   The Independent Guide to Walt Disney World walks you through each of the hotels including all on The Independent Guide to Walt Disney World  2- DisneyDayByDaysite hotels and a few of the non-Disney hotels in the area.   Each hotel section gives you details on the location, theme, and most importantly the dining options you will find at the resort making your selection much easier.   The other question is what ticket should I buy, I loved the simple chart presented in the book making it easy for you to choose what is best for your vacation.   Beyond the chart the book walks you through the details on the different tickets and the benefits of each.

The book goes on to visit each of the Disney Parks describing all of the attractions including any height requirements or restrictions  and even the timing between shows for show style attractions or the loading time which gives you a good idea of the wait you may have.   All of this information will allow you to maximize the time you have in the parks.   If you haven’t been to the parks in a few years or if this is your first time you will want to read chapter 12 a couple times as this goes into detail on MyMagic+, this technology is the heart of your vacation and ties everything together.  I found the authors description of this to be spot on and easy to understand.

But the book doesn’t stop with the parks and hotels, it takes you outside the parks as well.   There are sections on the water parks, Disney Springs, and even comparison between Walt Disney World and Disneyland.   Overall we found the book to be an extensive look at everything at Walt Disney World, but written with just the right amount of detail making it a great guide to plan and use while on your vaction.   If you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World we highly recommend you pick up a copy and leave a review if you like what you see.