Favorite Food Friday: Mac and Cheese

Favorite Food Friday: Mac and Cheese

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Our Favorite Food This Week:  Mac and Cheese
LocationGasparilla Island Grill – Grand Floridian 
Price: $5.99

Welcome to this week’s Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods with our friends.   This week we are sharing a simple comfort food done Disney style, the kids mac and cheese.     The Mac and Cheese can be found at many counter and table service locations.   Last year we took our niece to Disney and she had this for about every meal.   This mac and cheese has been put through many kids taste tests and I can contest it is amazing.   At the buffets you will find me acting like I’m getting my son a plate and visiting the kids buffet to get a little mac and cheese for myself.

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Have you tried the Mac and Cheese – let us know what you think….

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Travel Tips:  Free Disney Water

Travel Tips: Free Disney Water

Free Water At Disney Parks - DisneyDayByDay

On all of our Disney trips I carry a backpack full of camera equipment and a few snacks, but the heaviest part of the backpack is the water we tote around for later in the day.   It’s Disney and it’s hot so that water definitely comes in handy, but did you know that you don’t have to tote this water around, you can find free water on Disney Property?

No, I’m not talking about the water fountains or opening up your mouth and allowing the elephant to spray water in your mouth at Casey Jr’s Spash and Soak Station.   This is really cold, fresh and free water, just head into any quick service location and ask.   It’s that simple.   They cannot give you a bottle so asking at the small outside vendors will not work, it has to come in a standard Disney cup with lid and straw.    So next time you are feeling the heat but don’t want to open the wallet, head into a quick (counter) service food location and ask for that cup of water.

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History of Pin Trading at Disney

History of Pin Trading at Disney

History of Pin Trading at Disney - DisneyDayByDay

As you stroll around the parks today pins are everywhere, there are entire shops devoted to pins and pin trading and most cast members are ready to trade their pins.   But, where did this come from, what started this pin trading craze?

History of Pin Trading at Disney 2- DisneyDayByDayPins have been sold at parks for many years, but it wasn’t until the 1999 Millennium Celebration that Pin Trading was introduced to Walt Disney World.   After its introduction pin trading quickly spread to Disneyland and all Disney Parks including the Disney Cruise Line.   During this introduction a book was published which highlighted the pins that were available (pictured above).   This book listed all 450 pins that were available along with their pin number, year introduced, and cost (most only $6 at the time).

During the introduction and the Millennium Celebration (Oct 1999 – Jan 2001) pins could be purchased, they were also given as gifts with other store purchases, or obtained by trading with cast members.   The “Pin of the Day” was given out with other purchases at select retail locations.   This definitely got the craze started.

If you weren’t interested in seeking out the pins you could join the Millennium Pin Club.   This club was limited to the first 2,000 people and cost $3,000 (around $4,250 in 2014 dollars).   Members of the club would receive a framed pin set each month for 15 months during the Millennium Celebration.   After joining you would also receive a free gift and signed certificate by Robert Silvers.   Robert Silvers was an artist that helped to design pins that when collected over the month would form a “photomosaic” effect showcasing an Epcot location.

Pin trading continues to grow and is a fun addition to many on their Disney vacation.   How many Disney Pins do you have in your collection?

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Donald Duck’s Birthday Party

Donald Duck’s Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Donald Duck!

Donald Duck’s birthday  is June 9th!   He was born in 1934 which makes him 80 years old this year.  Doesn’t he look great for his age :).   Donald debuted in “The Wise Little Hen” Silly Symphony cartoon and was immediately loved by all.   Today we are celebrating Donald with all of our Disney friends in a fun Donald’s Birthday Party Blog Hop.   After you read through our fun game below be sure to hop over to all the blogs to see all the other great ideas to celebrate Donald’s Birthday.

Play Donald Duck's Quacky Hoopla Game with DisneyDayByDay

Our addition to the party is a fun game called Donald Duck’s Quacky Hoopla Game.  We found this fun game on Disney’s Spoonfull Site so head over there for the step by step details of the game.   It’s a simple ring toss style game, but the fun is in making your own Donald Duck Pin (water bottle).   This also makes it easy to know which water bottle is yours later in the party.

The template for your Donald can be found on the Spoolful Site Here or you can use our pre-colored one by clicking here.   Simply cut out the template, color with your favorite colors, use tape (we used packaging tape) to apply the Donald face to the water bottle and start the ring toss fun.   We used dive rings for a pool, but you can also cut the center out of a paper plate.

Donald Bottle 7 Donald Bottle 5 Donald Bottle 4 Donald Bottle 2 Donald Bottle 1

Donald Birhtday Hop
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