Fastpass to History – The Smell of Disney

Oh the smells of Disney – we all have our favorites.   But did you know Walt Disney was the first filmmaker to ever explore the idea of including scents in his movies.   In the 1940 film Fantasia, Disney wanted to add to the senses with smell, unfortunately the cost became too high for him to […]

Fastpass to History: Walt Disney World Preview Center

Before there was Walt Disney World, there was the Walt Disney World Preview Center.   Unfortunately, I wasn’t born yet to experience it, but my parents have told me stories about visiting this unpopulated area of FL.   As the construction of Walt Disney World began there was not much in the area.   There was a single convenience […]

Fastpass to History: Little Red Has Been Captured

Little Red has been captured by poachers!  And you must now cut your safari short in order to help save him! Are you up for the task?   Many of us were in the early days of Kilimanjaro Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Kilimanjaro Safari opened with the park in 1998, but not to the original […]

Fastpass to History: The Dawn of a New Disney Era

The Dawn of a New Disney Era….. The Dawn of a New Disney Era is the title of our Commemorative Pre-Opening Guide to Epcot Center we received in early 1982. “On October 1, 1982, Walt Disney’s greatest dream Epcot Center – – becomes a reality. An $800 million entertainment kingdom, Epcot Center is located on […]

Fastpass to History: Plaza Swan Boats

On our early trips to the Magic Kingdom, one of my favorite attractions was the Plaza Swan Boats.    These boats would take visitors around the Hub and back into Adventureland for a great view of the Swiss Family Treehouse (the travel path is highlighted in yellow below). The attraction operated from 1973 till 1983 and […]

Fastpass to History – Mickey Mouse Explains The Art

I was recently reading about how much Walt Disney loved the National Geographic Magazine and how much it was used for reference during the creation of all early Disney movies.    After hearing that Walt was featured in the magazines August 1963 addition I had to hit eBay to purchase it. In the magazine there […]

Fastpass to History: Official Airline of Walt Disney World

When Walt Disney World opened in 1971 Eastern Airlines was “The Official Airline of Walt Disney World”.   Eastern Airlines sponsored the first attraction I ever experienced at Disney, If You Had Wings.   In the days of ride tickets, this ride was free and didn’t require a ticket, thus I can’t even count how […]

Fastpass to History: King Stefan’s Banquet Hall

Opening day at Walt Disney World featured a restaurant in Cinderella’s Castle called King Stefan’s Banquet Hall.   Yes, I know, what is King Stefan doing in Cinderella’s castle?   Many had the same question for many years.   Disney Imagineers wanted to give the restaurant a regal name and at the time there was no well known […]

Fastpass to History – Moonlight Cruise

Before there was a Disney Cruise Line there were cruises on the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake.   One cruise that was offered was the Moonlight Cruise, below are a couple of our tickets from 1977. Yes that is $2.25 for an Adult and 75 cents for a child (age 3 – 11).   The Moonlight […]

Fastpass to History – The Monster Sound Show

“This is a frightening thought. Chevy Chase and Martin Short need your help.” Did you ever help them on The Monster Sound Show at MGM?   Presented by Sony, the Monster Sound Show at Disney-MGM Studios was an interactive show that allowed members of the audience to join sound actors on stage to reproduce sound […]