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Rubba Ducks - Giveaway - DisneyDayByDay

The Disney Springs transformation continues, but don’t let that ruffle your feathers. Rubba Ducks® have flocked to The BOATHOUSE Ship’s Store, located at Disney Springs…be sure to stop by The BOATHOUSE and check them out

The ducks are so fun and unique, they are the perfect gift or start your collection today. Founded in 1997, Rubba Ducks® was the first company to bring character rubber ducks to life. Rubba Ducks® are not your average duck either, here are some features we know you will enjoy…..

  • It’s all in the details. These ducks are chock full of elements, from vibrant colors to ornate sculpturing to decorative costumes and designs. You’re going to love them!
  • They Float Upright. All.The.Time. Rubba Ducks are designed with weights at the bottom so they will always float upright! Try it in your own sink/bathtub/pool!
  • The ‘Hole’ Story. Most rubber ducks have a hole in the bottom which, when used in the bathtub can retain mold. Not Rubba Ducks! There is no hole in the bottom so NO MOLD!

Every Duck gets a name, hatched date, and poem introducing them. All in all our ducks are a lot of fun, we took them to the beach and let them ride the waves.

Rubba Ducks - DisneyDayByDay


How would you like a duck of your own? Well, now is your chance. Use the simple entry form below for your chance to win a Rubba Duck® of your very own.
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