Fastpass to History: Wonders of Life

The Wonders of Life pavilion opened their doors in October of 1989, seven years after the opening of Epcot Center and as New Years was being celebrated and welcoming in 2007 it closed it doors.   Today it is used off and on for special events, one of these is during the Flower and Garden Festival, so you can still get a peek inside during these events.

Wonders of Life

The pavilion was dedicated to Body and Healthy style attractions.   Including the following:

  • Body Wars – this was the main reason we would visit the pavilion.   Body Wars was similar to Star Tours at Hollywood Studios.  The same ride system so over the past years parts have been used as replacements for Star Tours.  The ride shrinks you down and puts you into the body to help do a white blood cell count at the location of a splinter.   But, the doctor is pulled into the blood stream which sends you on a journey through the blood stream and into the lungs.  Finally the team has to head to the brain to gain energy to repower the ship so you can leave the body.
  • Cranium Command – this was a fun theater style show which explained the brain and it’s interactions with different parts of the body.
  • The Making of Me – was a Martin Short movie about birth. Although funny, as a kid this was not on my must see list.
  • There were also many play areas including my favorite the Wonder Cycles where you could pedal power a TV.   Yep you would pedal a bicycle and the TV would come on, what kid wouldn’t find that cool.   I really worked up a sweat.

I still miss Wonders of Life and wonder what attractions from the pavilion do you miss most?


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  • Sounds like Wonders of Life was pretty cool! I think my family went to it a few times when I was little but then skipped it on trips after that. I only vaugely remember Body Wars. The Wonder Cycles sounded pretty awesome! Can I get one of those in my home instead of an excercise bike?! Thanks for linking up this week!

  • I had the luxury if getting to see it Dec 2006 when it was being used occassionally. You knew it’s days were numbered but kept hoping it would make it.

    • Yeah me too, early on I just kept hoping we would see a new sponsor that would bring it back to life.

  • V No Privacy

    I loooooved Cranium Command. It’s SO quotable! Where do you think you are? Disney World?!

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