Favorite Food Friday: Cookies BBQ

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Our Favorite Food This Week: BBQ at Cookies BBQ

Location: Castaway Cay (Disney Cruise)
Price: It’s Free! (with the price of a cruise)

On a Disney Cruise there is food everywhere whenever you want it, yes it is a dream come true, but one of our favorite places to eat is Cookies BBQ on Castaway Cay.

Castaway Cay Cookie's BBQ 7

 As you step off the cruise ship onto Disney’s exclusive island you can smell it.   As you explore the island you are welcomed at Cookie’s BBQ for lunch where you can enjoy many items from the buffet.   And yes, the ice cream from the ship is also available just outside of Cookie’s.

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  • I’m glad you enjoyed it so much! I’m always a bit thrown by the Cookies BBQ, being from Texas the spicing is significantly sweeter/different than what I’m used to in barbeque sauce and I’m vegan, so it’s not exactly my cup of tea.

  • Becky @Disney in your Day

    Ooh, looks good! I haven’t been on a Disney cruise yet but I would love to visit Castaway Cay.

  • Based on Lori’s comment, I’m guessing I’d like the BBQ. I’m from PA and we like our BBQ sweet! Southerners prefer a more vinegary BBQ. I make mine with LOTS of brown sugar. 😉

    Anyway, I only want to pick on you about the hot dog! Seriously?! On a cruise and there’s nothing better to eat than a hot dog? And it’s not even nicely browned! LOL

  • james @ HomeisWheretheMouseis

    I remember being pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food at Cookies. Most of the food on the ship was great, and I expected a drop in quality at Cookies given the nature of the service. But wow, everything was very good, and a few of the items were extremely good. I could have gone back for that chicken again and again, but like your picture, I went for a little of everything and ended up stuffed very quickly!

    (I should add that I’m from the Northeast and like sweet and tangy BBQ)

  • Looks delicious! I haven’t been on Disney cruise yet, but I’m planning on going someday. Can’t wait to try Cookies (and I’m glad to see that they serve cookies too!).

  • I had no idea they served food on Castaway Cay. We are hoping to go on a cruise for our 10th anniversary in a couple years. Can’t wait to try it!

  • V No Privacy

    YUMMMM!! Now I want a cookie haha

  • Lunch at CC was fun. A good old fashioned barbeque right by the beach. Perfect!

  • I love that it’s free (with the price of a cruise!). One day I’ll get on one of those cruises and see Castaway Cay.

  • MouseFanDiane

    I loved the Cookies BBQ, It’s a great place and some yummy food too.