• Great Fantasmic shots! Mine are always too blurry.

  • Julie RunWalkFASTPASS Repeat

    I can never get good Fantaamic shots…I love seeing that boat come around the corner!

  • Wow, great shots!

  • DIStherapy

    Once again, I like the way you think Sean!! (And I agree with all here- how did you manage to get such perfect Fantasmic shots?!)

  • Thanks everyone, I must admit the pictures were taken by my wife as I was on the video camera taping the show. We did get many blurry ones as well, but love the ones that did come out.

  • V No Privacy

    I feel like I see a fog/cloud motif – I like it!

  • Great actions shots! I love Fantasmic but it is such a challenge to capture! You got it!

  • hilary

    Great pictures!